Accommodation / Venue Hire Expenses

Community Salary Packaging – Outsourced Service

You are able to claim a reimbursement for the cost of hiring or leasing a Private Function Room and / or Holiday Accommodation through your salary package.

Under this benefit you can salary package the cost of your holiday accommodation, ranging from an overnight stay to an overseas holiday, in addition to the $15,899 limit (for Public Benevolent Institutions or Health Promotion Charities) or $9,009 limit (for Public and non-profit hospitals & Public ambulance services), providing you have not already claimed the expense under another benefit. In other words, if you pay for the expense on the Community Salary Packaging General Expenses Card, they can’t be claimed again under this benefit.

This benefit includes the hire of on-site caravans or cabins at a caravan park, motels, hotels, bed & breakfasts, apartments or holiday houses. Additionally, the benefit extends to the hire of a reception centre, private function room or marquee for the provision of entertainment (e.g. for a wedding or birthday party).

You cannot claim meals, beverages, flights or any other costs associated with your accommodation as part of this benefit. Meals at restaurants and cafes can be claimed under the Meal Entertainment benefit.