Benefit Types

What type of expenses can I claim through the Community Salary Packaging Outsourced Service?

If your Employer is endorsed by the ATO as a Public Benevolent Institution, Health Promotion Charity or if you are employed by a Public-and-non-profit-hospital or a Public ambulance service you will be eligible to claim the following benefit types tax free:

Standard Benefit Types

The following GST Free fringe benefits can be salary packaged up to a maximum of $15,899 or $9,009 depending on your organisation type:

* Mortgage Repayments

* Personal Loan Repayments

* Rent Payments

* General Living Expenses (through the Westpac Everyday Purchase Card)

Exempt Fringe Benefits

The following benefits can be salary packaged above the $15,899 or $9,009 cap limit:

There is a capped amount of $2,649 on these particular benefits.

* Meal Expenses (through the Westpac Meal Card)

* Holiday Accommodation / Venue hire expenses

* Salary Sacrificed Superannuation

Other Benefit Types

The following benefits can be salary packaged in conjunction with the $15,899 or $9,009 cap limit subject to you meeting certain criteria:

* Novated Leasing

* Remote Area Mortgage Interest

* Remote Area Rent Payments