Meal/Accommodation Expenses

Community Salary Packaging – Outsourced Service

You can salary package additional salary deductions (over the $15,899 or $9,009 limit) onto the Community Salary Packaging Meal/Accommodation Card which also works through the VISA network.

The card can be used to purchase pre-prepared meals and Accommodation at certain merchants throughout Australia. You can not use the card at EFTPOS terminals that are blocked due to you being able to purchase items other than pre-prepared meals at that terminal.

You can use the meal/accommodation card to purchase pre-prepared meals at vendors registered as (for example) Cafes & Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants and Caterers and Hotels, Motels and Cabin. You will not be able to use the card at supermarkets, fresh food shops or to purchase other non pre-prepared meal related items from other vendors.

The card allows you (or your additional card holder) to spend your salary deductions as they are paid onto your card. Your available balance adjusts depending on how much has been paid onto your card compared to how much you have spent using the card.

You can check your card balance online or by using the phone to dial into your card account. You will not be able to make any cash withdrawals by using the card at either ATM machines or EFTPOS machines and you can not setup any direct debit payments on the account as a result of ATO restrictions.

Any unspent funds available on the meal card at the end of an FBT year (i.e. 31 March) will rollover to the next year to be spent as required.