Salary Packaging Consulting and FBT Reviews

Community Salary Packaging have found that many organisations in the not-for-profit / charitable sector are actually administering their internal salary packaging system incorrectly.

In some cases we have found organisations who are incurring a large unknown FBT liability due to the incorrect nature of the salary packaging setup.

Our Salary Packaging System reviews can limit the risk of FBT payable amounts and can help to ensure that your salary packaging setup is administered correctly.


– check of effective salary sacrifice agreements in place

– check of correct calculation of grossed up RFBA

– check of type 1 vs type 2 fringe benefits and their respective cap limits

– impact of motor vehicles and the impact on salary packaging caps

– correct monitoring of salary packaging substantiation

– correct reporting of RFBA on payment summaries

– check of exempt fringe benefits and use in salary packaging system

– check endorsement status to ensure organisations have the applicable FBT concessions to warrant salary packaging

– provide suggestions to create a more effective/efficient system

For more information please visit CTAS ( Charities Tax Advisory Service)